L. Scott Weiss   

Actor / Voice Actor / Voice-over


A first child of three, Scott was born in San Francisco and considers himself quite lucky and fortunate to have been born in the Western United States in the 20 th Century as an American.

Scott grew up in the North Bay county of Marin, where he went to school and participated in all of the major team sports (football, baseball, and basketball).  He also excelled at tennis, fishing and golf.  He played the Viola, Violin, and continues to play the Guitar. Scott joined the Boy Scouts of America at age 11.  The Scouts were formative years for Scott and at age 15 he earned the Boy Scouts highest honor – the designation of Eagle Scout.

After graduating from Redwood High School, Scott attended California State University at Chico where he studied Business, Marketing, Psychology and the Liberal Arts - Humanities.  Not quite ready to jump into the corporate business world, Scott answered a calling that to this day he cannot quite explain; he joined the United States Marine Corps and entered military service as a Private. Five years later he left active duty as a Lieutenant (a Mustang Officer).  He continued his military service as an active Reserve Officer in Portland, Oregon, where he helped to coordinate, supervise, and implement the Combat Readiness Skills Training Program for over 100 Marine Combat Engineer and Communications Reservists for Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  In 1997 Scott resigned his commission as a Captain. Scott served as an enlisted Infantry Rifleman and an Artillery and Communications Officer.  The Marines were another fantastic odyssey in Scott’s life.  He met and made friends with a number of people while serving in England, France, Japan, Korea, Virginia, Washington D.C., Oklahoma, California, Oregon and Washington State.

Leaving the Corps was a conscious decision for Scott, the time had come that he re-enter the “people” world and life in the private business market place. Here, Scott did quite well again, quickly becoming recognized and honored as a top salesman in the retail / construction markets, as well as in the governmental and commercial high-tech market place.  Scott earned his way into the position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing for both private start-up and public companies.

A few years ago, Scott heard another calling that has been prodding him for quite some years – the call to acting and voice over.  Scott was fortunate to meet and learn from a master acting and voice over teacher, Terry McGovern of the Marin Actors Workshop.  From Terry’s direction and teaching, and having the privilege to participate in a Marin Actors Workshop Showcase one night, Scott was approached by an Agent from Stars, The Agency (Annie Schlesinger) just after he performed for the first time on stage in front of an audience.  A few weeks later a Talent Agent contract was signed and the rest is history.  Scott has been working as an Actor, Voiceover Actor and Print Model ever since (see Resume). Scott loves the work, the excitement of it, the creativity it involves, and the people he gets to work with.

“It’s been a great life so far and I have been blessed beyond imagination. This thing we call life just gets better with age, and if you’re aware and tuned in, the wisdom and revelations keep pouring in. Take the risk.  It’s worth it.  It’s about living and living intently.  The choice is yours, attitude and outlook, attitude and outlook.” 


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