L. Scott Weiss   

Actor / Voice Actor / Voice-over






On the set shooting the "The Dam Busters" for the History Channel in Calgary



      Working "Miss Saigon" with Louise Wu, Miss Chinatown USA 2006 - Marin Actors Workshop



Playing the Lead (Thaddeus Lowe) in a History Channel Episode of Man Moment Machine



Light Moments with Hitler and his Staff.  Me, the Beer Hall Bomber with the Another German General
-  On the Set of National Geographic's 42 Ways To Kill Hitler  -



On a B-17G Flying Fortress over Sonoma County - In the bubble and on the gun.



It's the Raider Nation with E-Rock the Voice, A couple of Raiderettes and Raider Great Cliff Branch


  Officer, US Marine Corps                           Master of Ceromonies



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