L. Scott Weiss   

Actor / Voice Actor / Voice-over


Height:  5’9”   /   Weight:  160 Lbs   /   Eyes:  Blue   /   Hair:  Dark Brown


Man, Moment, Machine Richard Palmer, "Howard Hughes,,." Episode The History Channel
Man, Moment, Machine Scientist, "Oppenheimer..." Episode The History Channel
Man, Moment, Machine John Fraser, “The Dam Busters” Episode The History Channel
Man, Moment, Machine Thaddeus Lowe (LEAD), "Lincoln..." Episode The History Channel
Independent Film "Viva Moutholucion" - News Anchor Free Range Graphics
World's Most Astonishing News "Dual DNA" Episode - Alan Tingle, Defense Lawyer Japanese Television
World's Most Astonishing News  "False Charges" Episode - Murderer, Convict  Japanese Television
National Geographic History "42 Ways to Kill Hitler" - George Elser (LEAD) Natioanal Geographic Channel
CSI: New York   "2,918 Miles" EPISODE #903 - SFPD Officer CBS Television  
STAGE (Marin Actor’s Workshop Showcases)
Barefoot in the Park Paul Bratter   The Redwoods Theater
The Fabulous Baker Boys Jack Baker         The Barn Theater
Hysterical Blindness Rick The Redwoods Theater
21 Grams Paul Rivers   The Barn Theater
Wait Until Dark Harry Roat The Barn Theater
Miller’s Crossing Leo The Barn Theater
Sandisk Corporate Commercial (MSNBC, CNBC); Father of Family
Visa NATIONAL Commercial; "Romantic Dinner / Cityscape"  -  Waiter
Sega Game & Internet Commercial; “Full Auto” & “Condemned” - FBI Agent Stern
Ameriprise (Am Ex) Print / Internet Campaign; “Retirement” -  Husband & Father on beach
Country of Korea   Voice-over; Series of American Education Lessons
Palm NATIONAL Voice-over; Palm TX HANDHELD Introduction - Spokesman
Countrywide Home Loans NATIONAL Broadcast / Cable Commercial - Spokesman “David Serna”
Intel Corporate Commercial; New Product Introduction - Euro Man
Safeway Industrial; “Coaching Discussion” - Distribution Associate
Sonoma Express Cooker   Infomercial; “How Good is That Meal” – Married Man, Testimonial
World Savings Bank     Industrial; “Ethics Training” – Real Estate Broker
Employment Law Learning Internet Industrial; Voiceover - “Harassment” – Harasser
Nokia      Industrial; “Technology Testimonial” – The CIO
World Savings (Wachovia) Industrial; “Emerging Markets” – Bank Executive
National Semiconductor   Industrial; “The Apprentice” – Competition Player
AnswerCenter.com NATIONAL Cable Commercial; “Compare Apples to Apples” – Spokesman
Political VO / Coyote Films Voice-over; "No on (CA) Proposition 86"
LSI Logic     Voice-over; Product / Technical Introduction - Discussion Leader
Zounds Hearing Aids  Commercial; Retail Stores / Internet Product Introduction - Waiter
Thunder Valley Casino  Regional Television Commercial; Jovial Gambler
Hewlett Packard   Industrial; "Small Office: Paper Network Chaos" - Austin Lowe, Computer Geek
City of Fremont    Local Television Commercial; "Shop Local" - Husband
Somatone Interactive Audio  Voice Acting; Promotional Film for "Code of Honor: The French Foreign Legion"
Somatone Interactive Audio  Voice Acting; Computer Game - "Redneck Kentucky"
Somatone Interactive Audio Voice Acting, Computer Game - "New Gerneration Chickens"
Cisco   Industrial; "Global Sales Meeting" - Business Executive
Novartis   Internet / Trade Show; "Reclast Information" - Nurse Donato
Business Objects   Industrial; "C" Level Discussion of Company and Technology - Spokesman
Countrywide Bank NATIONAL Commercial; Spokesman / Pitchman for Countrywide Bank
Judicial Council of California Internet / Court Network / Law School; "Sexual Harassment" - Harasser
Wells Fargo Voice Over; "Hispanic Segments / Disucussion" - Business Executive
CaseCentral Web Page & Trade Show Video: "The Right Side of The Equation" - Spokesman
Mindjet.com Internet; "Visualizing Information" -  Finance Man
Somatone Productions Voice-over / Cartoon; "The Office Bloopers" - Bob
ESET  Internet; "Santerrogation" - Bad Cop Detective
Vinturi   Infomercial / Web Site Video; "Wine Needs to Breathe" - Wine Bar Pourer / Spokesman
Judicial Council of California  Internet / Court Network / Law School; "Ethics" - New Judge Bob
Oracle Internet Series / Trade Show; "Exadata Smart Scan" - Bob the Engineer
Bank of America   NATIONAL Broadcast Commercial (SAG); ATM Customer
Polycom / Microsoft     Internet, Trade Show; Product Intro, "Telecom Link Product" - Business Executive
Freedom Debt Relief    NATIONAL Cable / Internet Commercial; 'Testimonial" - Divorced Man in Debt
Stanford Sports Medicine Clinic   Broadcast, Cable, Internet Commercial; Stanford Hospital TV Campaign - 49ers Doctor
Symantec   Symantec Web Page; "Control Compliance Suite" - Chief Information Systems Officer
Vyvance Internet Video; ADHD Discussion with Patient and Medical Audience, - Dr. Robinson
Cisco Internet & Trade Shows; TelePresence Product, "Video Collaboration" - Executive
Intel World Wide Intel Network, "Communicating Excellence" - Trial Lawyer
Cisco Internet & Internal, ADP Powered Network - ADP Business Executive
EA Sports NATIONAL NFL SNF Broadcast; "Next Generaton Madden" - VO Announcer / CGI
Cisco Internet & Trade Shows; "Healthcare Networks" - Doctor
NewDay USA NATIONAL Broadcast and Cable Commercials (Series); Veteran Spokesman
Cisco Internal Training Video; "The Ethics Zone" - Rod Serling (Type) Host
Sling TV NATIONAL Broadcast and Cable Commercials (x3); Announcer / Spokesman
ABC Supply Internet, Trade Shows, Conferences; Silent Movie Character - Roofing Contractor
HomeLight NATIONAL Broadcast and Cable Commercials (Series); Spokesman
Kuvara Law Regional Broadcast and Cable Commercials (Series), 1-800-4-Injury; Spokesman
Phillips 66 Regional Voice Over (Denver Broncos), "Hut! Hut! Hot Coffee!"; Quarterback


More upon request...
Marin Actors Workshop, Terry McGovern Directing. 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
Terry McGovern Voiceover Workshops, 1998, 1999, 2004, 2005
Career Corporate Sales: Presentations, Seminars, Master of Ceremonies
United States Marine Corps, "Mustang" Officer ( Private to Captain)
Bachelor of Arts Degree, California State University at Chico
Boy Scouts of America – Eagle Scout
Voices, narration, guitar, relationship building, sales. Sports: scuba certified, firearms shooting (expert marksman), golf
(24 Handicap), skiing, fishing, camping, tennis, team sports (football, softball, baseball). Various other skills upon request..




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